Founded on the drive to live each season to its fullest, Arctic Expedition was built to power through it all.

Inspired by each and everyone around us, the infinite amount of activities we all venture into, and by the everchanging seasons, we strive to design products that empower you to feel and look your best, so that life experiences would never be compromised by weather.

Tried and tested in our true Canadian weather, we are committed to engineer outerwear that protects us from the harshest weather conditions.


Arctic Expedition is a division of Capital Garment Co., a vanguard in outerwear.

Established in 1944, Capital Garment’s rich history began with its founder, Joseph Cymbalista, whose true love for tailoring is still reflected in our garments today. With innovation at its core, it incessantly pushes new products on the market and continues to develop new fabrics and new insulators, so that the quality meets the careful design put into each garment.

With a 75 years existence as one of Canada’s leading wholesalers for men, women, children and babies’ outerwear, it is a testament of their excellence and proof of their ability to constantly remain ahead of their industry.