Certified Responsible Down Standard

It is our norm to source from suppliers that are RDS-certified so that down and feathers come from animals that were not harmed. We believe that they have the right to humane treatment, and we commit ourselves to ethical sourcing.

What is Responsible Down Standard?

The Responsible Down Standard is an independent, voluntary global standard, which means that companies can choose to certify their products to the RDS, even if there is no legislation requiring them to do so. The RDS was developed and revised over three years, with the input of animal welfare groups, industry experts, brands and retailers. The standard recognizes and rewards the best practices in animal welfare.

For more infomation, visit: https://responsibledown.org

Down Benefits

Down is known to be one of the world’s best natural insulators

Down is reputed for its high warmth, high loft, compressibility and durability. These benefits are all possible thanks to its unique shape and construction. Made of clusters which hold thousands of filaments who themselves have nodes that interlock and overlap to trap pockets of hot air, all while keeping the cold air out.

This trapped air is what gives down its high performance heat insulation, but also its particular lightness, and its ability to reloft and hug each person’s body for maximum comfort.